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Menu # 44 - Autumn 2020

Franck Giovannini A LA CARTE

Carte N°44 - Autumn 2020



  • Leek vinaigrette and Celtiane potatoes from the canton carefully seasoned with Alpine balsamic 60
  • Ice-cold Brown Crab with Penthéréaz endive and lemon pearls with Impérial Ossetra caviar 120
  • Bubble of Duck Foie Gras glossed with Marsanne grapes, three apples crunchy bricelet 85
  • Foam of Hulls and Knives refreshed with anise and young fennels marinated in Chasselas 95

  • Egg surprise with Piedmontese White Gold, spinach sprouts and crispy celery 130
  • Gourmet leek spindles, autumn roots with White Truffles and Alpine Gruyere cheese 120
  • Vegetable ravioli of Porcini and Chanterelles deglazed with Pinot Gris wine 80
  • Caramelised Scallops with orange zest, local salsify deglazed in Dézaley 75

  • Fillet of Saint Pierre gratinated with Lavaux grapes, marinade with Noble Grain and lemon balm 100
  • Brill cooked au naturel, anise shells with Sauvignon from the shores of Leman lake 95
  • Sole of small boats cooked “meunière”, tangy kale with lime 110
  • Beautiful pan-fried Demoiselles coralline, caramelized squash and parsley 120
  • Breton Lobster on its shell, strong reduction with Galotta 110

  • Grilled filet of Beef from Romandie with four peppers and wild oregano 100
  • Saddle of Lamb from Sisteron rubbed with old mustard and crispy chips 120
  • Crunchy Calf Sweetbreads, light cream with porcini mushrooms and chanterelles 90
  • Oven-roasted Bresse Chicken, whirlpools with white Alba truffles (for two) 220
  • Nantes Duck with red wine «Frédy Girardet» (for two) 200

  • Fresh and ripened Cheeses 35

  • Iced cocktail with Pure Origin Chocolate and tangy with zesty clementines 40
  • Pistachio crêpe with candied Williams Pears, brandy-frosted sorbet 40
  • Refreshing Raspberry Grape soup flavored with Cornalin wine 35
  • Pistachio-Chartreuse soufflé (for two) 60
  • Apple tart «Hôtel de Ville» (for two) 70



  • Elegant cold-pressed of Deer with foie gras, pumpkins and chanterelles with balsamico of glaciers 75
  • Young Grey Partridge supreme glossed with Petite Arvine tangy Chasselas grapes 65
  • Female Common Pheasant mushroom consommé, melba with celery chips 60

  • Woodcock roasted “en Salmis”, baguette gourmet flambéed with Armagnac 130
  • Scottish Grouse glossed with Grive de Féchy, wild berries with pulpy vinegar of the Mill 95
  • Pyrenean Wood Pigeon caramelized with spring onions, porcini and chanterelles with “Vin Jaune” 80
  • Autumn Teal cooked and orange flavored, spice up fruits chutney and crunchy chips 80
  • Black Grouse from the Valais sublimated with Grain Noble (made to order)

  • Saddle of Roe Deer roasted with oregano, green pepper light cream and kale 100
  • Mouflon from canton du Valais cooked on the bone, “poivrade” strong juice and crispy dauphines 120
  • Saddle of Alpine Chamois cooked rosé, reduced sauce as a “coq au vin” the old-fashioned way 110
  • Fillet of Red Deer grilled with berries, scarlet-sauce-flavoured with vinegar from Sévery 95
  • Saddle of Hare golden at low heat, Marsanne grapes and lime emulsion 95
  • Hare à la Royale “Hôtel de Ville” style 100
  • Woodcock or Hare pie perfumed with Folle Blanche wine (made to order)

Practical information

The restaurant is open Tuesday through Saturday, 09:30AM to 11:30PM.

We welcome you for your meal from 12PM to 1PM and 7PM to 8:30PM.